{"status":404,"status_message":"Numeric ID required","data":false} {"status":200,"status_message":"Picture w2QPCMnEaE","data":{"picture_id":"2456","moddate":"2019-11-19 22:07:36","title":"Getting a consultant on Upwork","alttag":"","titletag":"","metadescrip":"","metakeys":"","S3URL":"https:\/\/reference.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com\/images\/pictures\/wnqthkdqje.34.59-pm.jpg","S3Date":"2019-11-17 21:47:03","picture_date":"2019-11-17 21:46:39","path":"images\/pictures\/","filename":"wnqthkdqje.34.59-pm.jpg","deleted":"0","notfound":"0","descrip":"Notice I have done the search: \"3d printing fusion 360\". Initially it showed many North Americans, who typically charge $30-50\/hr. But notice I have refined the search and specified India and Bangladesh. This cuts the price by half or three quarters. Notice that the highlighted consultant, although advertising as hourly, also does 'fixed price' work. And on the other jobs, notice how happy the client was and that he worked many more than the required hours (reducing the hourly earnings). At the prices Asian engineers charge you can afford to pay them plenty of bonuses (part of the Upwork system) to keep good relations. Their skills are exceptional, they will make you look good!","disqualify":"0","timelinephoto":"0","timeline_name":"","plainsman":"","insight_help_id":"0","links":{"glossary":[{"link":"glossary\/Upwork","descrip":"Using the services of online freelancers connects potters and small ceramic producers to expert engineering talent at low cost.","label":"Upwork","ord":"0"}]},"pictures":{"2453":{"z":"1nfMxbqFNz","alttag":"AutoDesk Fusion 360 home page","titletag":"AutoDesk Fusion 360 home page","title":"Fusion 360, my choice for 3D modelling","notes":"Intimidation by the complexity of this type of software is the biggest obstacle you will face to learning 3D design (for 3D-printing). That being said, the new mission of AutoDesk, the leader in CAD software for 30 years, is to make it easy and universal! Fusion 360 has a lot of advantages. It is a standard. There is a simple learning curve via Tinkercad.com, videos on Youtube, easy online help and many freelancers to hire (at Upwork.com). It is free to qualifying users (teachers, students or people who earn less that $100k\/yr), the fact that software of this kind of power and utility is actually available to anyone that wants to try it is amazing. Fusion 360 (and other 3D design products) cannot run 3D printers (3D slicers do that). Fusion 360 is very demanding on the processor and graphics hardware of your computer, typical laptops are not powerful enough.","filename":"zndb7eadaa.jpg","path":"images\/pictures\/","picture_date":"2019-11-05 21:23:11","S3URL":"https:\/\/reference.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com\/images\/pictures\/zndb7eadaa.jpg","S3Date":"2019-11-05 21:26:03","timelinephoto":"1","ord":"0"}}}}