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Kemper CBBH Ceramic Bead Bar -
Firebrick Electric Grooved -
Soft Brick K23, 2300F (9"x4.5"x2.5") - box of 12: $85.85
Superwool 2300 F (2ft Wide) - ft: $7.50, 2x25ft roll: $168.75

Refractory ceramic fiber, fiberfrax, fiber frax, fibre frax, blanket

Uni-Bond 33 Mortar - pint: $13.25 ea

General purpose, high temperature bonding mortar for laying, surfacing, and bonding firebrick. It has both air and heat setting qualities. Rated to 3000F.

Uni-Cast 2600 Castable Refractory - 2.5kg: $10.25, 22.68kg: $85.00

High strength castable refractory with good thermal shock resistance

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