G1947U Cone 10 Transparent Glaze


A long-time base transparent glaze recipe used in the Plainsman Clays studio. It works on all Plainsman high temperature reduction bodies (also oxidation). The recipe employs New Zealand Kaolin for the cleanest possible fired appearance.

This recipe is better than most others used for a number of reasons.


As of April 2018 it is not yet available as a premixed product. However you can make it yourself, your can find info on the G1947U technical information page at digitalfire.com.

A wide range of glazes can be made from this base. For example:


P700 cone 10R Mug by Tony Hansen. Alberta Slip (pure) outside, G1947U transparent inside.

P580 mugs fired at cone 10R. Pure Alberta Slip as a glaze outside. G1947U clear glaze inside. Glaze employs Grolleg Kaolin (left two mugs) and EPK (right mug). By Tony Hansen.

This is G1947U clear glaze on P700, P580.

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