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In Alberta, Canada Plainsman Clays warehouses one hundred or more different name-brand popular ceramic materials from across North America. These include kaolins, feldspars, ball clays, metal oxides, dolomite, calcium carbonate, zinc oxide, frits, strontium carbonate, and many many more. Although our target market is the ceramic industry, all of these materials are also used in other industries. Please contact us if you want a reliable supplier.

Brand Name Materials
  • Kaolin: Pioneer, Tile#6, EPK, Helmer, Grolleg, Calcined
  • Feldspar: Custer, Kona F-4, G200, Nepheline Syenite, Spodumene
  • Ball clay: OM4, KT1-4, Bell Dark, Gleason
  • Silica: Ottawa
  • Frit: Ferro
  • Stains: Mason
  • Slip: Alberta, Barnard, Ravenscrag
  • Raw colorant oxides, carbonates, sources: Cobalt, Chrome, Copper, Manganese, Iron, Nickel, Vandium, Rutile, Yellow Ochre, Fluorspar
  • Borates: Boraq, Laguna Borate, Gerstley Borate, Ulexite, Cadycal, Boric Acid, Borax Decahydrate
  • Fluxes: Lithium Carbonate, Zinc Oxide, Strontium Carbonate, Barium Carbonate,
  • Miscellaneous: Pyrophyllite, Volcanic Ash, Cryolite, Illmenite, Bone Ash, Alumina Hydrate, Molochite, Kyanite, Petalite, Soda Ash,
  • Other Clays: Bentonites (HPM-20, Hectalite), Fireclay (Lincoln 60, Cedar Heights), Redart
  • Opacifiers: Tin Oxide, Zircopax, Titanium Dioxide
  • MgO, CaO Sources: Wollastonite, Talc, Calcium Carbonate, Dolomite
  • Grog: Mulcoa, Christy (in fine to coarse sizes)