Plainsman Earth Plasters

Plainsman Clays for Construction
Straw Bale Construction

Plainsman mines a wide range of clays and we import dozens of refined clays from across North America. Obviously all of these present a considerable array of textures, colors, drying shrinkages, hardening properties, etc. To simplify, we have selected a few light colored clays well adapted to this application. These are easily colored by pigments and span a broad range of properties. First mix these basic clays to create the needed properties and then add pigments.


All of these materials (except the A2) can be used as-is (without blending) but we recommend mixing them to achieve the best combination of application, drying and finish properties for your purpose. The kaolin is unique in the sense that it is an industrially processed powder and contains 100% flat clay particles (the others are natural sedimentary materials that contain feldspar, mica, quartz and clay particles).


Pigments can be blended to create a wide range of colors. 5% or more pigment is typically added to the clay blend.