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Native Clays

Plainsman Fireclay (Plainsman) - 2.5kg bag: $3.60, 22.68kg: $21.45

A refractory and and plastic clay.

Plainsman FireRed Dry Clay - 22.68kg bag: $30.25

High fire red fire clay

Plainsman Kaosand Dry Clay - 22.68kg bag: $20.35

High fire kaolinized sand

Plainsman M2 Clay - 20kg box: $30.20, 20kg bag: $30.20

High iron medium fire stoneware raw clay

Plainsman Midstone Dry Clay - 22.68kg bag: $24.25

Medium fire stoneware raw material

Plainsman Palestone Dry Clay - 22.68kg bag: $22.65

High fire blended buff burning stoneware clay

Plainsman PlasticFire Ball Clay - 22.68kg bag: $22.65

42 mesh ball clay mined in southern Saskatchewan.

Plainsman Ravenscrag Slip - 2.5kg bag: $6.05, 20kg bag: $38.25

A natural clay that melts at cone 10R to form a silky white matte glaze (this inside of this mug is 100% Ravenscrag Slip). Add frit to melt at cone 6.

Plainsman Redstone Dry Clay - 22.68kg bag: $30.35

Native high iron stoneware

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