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Alberta Slip cone 10R glazed beanpot
Example of beapot glazed with 100% Alberta Slip at cone 10R

Alberta Slip fired at cone 6 using 20% frit 3134 (left) and 20% frit 3249 (right).

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  • Tell your customers to use the messaging system on this site to communicate with us to solve their problems.
  • Start using Alberta Slip in the studio of your company so you develop expertise and get excited about it, we assure you!


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Longer: Alberta Slip duplicates the firing properties of Albany Slip and is an excellent base for many types of glazes. It is a fine grained, medium plastic, dark brown burning clay that melts to form glossy rich deep brown slip glazes at cone 10 high fire reduction and a glossy transparent brown glaze at cone 6 middle temperature oxidation (with a 20% borosilicate frit addition e.g. Ferro 3134).

Shorter: Alberta Slip is an Albany Slip substitute. It melts to form a glossy deep brown glaze at cone 10 and a transparent dark brown at cone 6 (with a 20% frit addition).

Alberta Slip is a product of Plainsman Clays and is mined in North America's premier "Clay Country" (near Ravenscrag, Saskatchewan, Canada and also in Montana, USA)