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If we demand clay bodies with great working properties, why do we not demand the same of our glazes?

Eastend Saskatchewan river valley with whitemud clay

This is clay country, a broad valley where the eagles fly. The white layer is called "The Whitemud Formation".
It itself consists of many layers. One of these is where Ravenscrag clay comes from.

Ravenscrag, Saskatchewan is an isolated hamlet in a large valley that has been cut from the prairies above by the Frenchman river. The river has revealed dozens of layers of sedimentary clays far below the surface, especially in the badlands sections of the valley. The "Whitemud formation" is an aptly named group of layers, it forms an obvious stripe that can be seen along the bottom of the valley edges. These layers range from highly plastic and refractory to balanced stonewares to silty low-melting to a sandy kaolin. The layer that yeilds Ravenscag Slip is the thickest and most consistent section of the formation.

Where is Ravenscrag?

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Ravenscrag Slip is a product of Plainsman Clays and near Ravenscrag, Saskatchewan, Canada.