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This list of materials is only a sample of the many possibilities. These are materials that we have already made or are making. Some depend on our unique materials and process.

Taxidermy Clay

This application requires a clay of low shrinkage and more than normal dry hardness. Makers of clays used for this purpose may claim zero shrinkage and fast drying, but such claims should be verified. Our material is a one part mix and is not synthetic and does not contain epoxies or toxic agents.

Self Hardening Clays

These are made by incorporating a polymer that hardens during drying. They are used mainly for craft purposes but have the potential to be useful in a wide range of applications.

Absorbent Clays

Some manufacturing applications require that a fired clay product be as absorbent as possible. We can supply natural and natural/mineral blends that provide porosities from 5-20% when fired at temperatures that produce a fairly hard and durable item.

Concretion-containing clays

Many of our natural clays contain iron-stone concretion impurities. These are normally screened out or ground down, but we can make clay bodies having large iron-stone particles. These clays fire to very unique highly speckled surfaces.

Clays for Cosmetics, Natural Healing

Clay has been a part of healing for 1000s of years and is still actively used in every country. Most people do not realize how many of the common personal care and health products they buy contain clay. Since Plainsman is a small company with the ability to closely supervise mining and processing and produce smaller runs of product, we can likely provide you with the special purpose clay you need for your product. We have a very wide array of materials with vastly differing mineralogies and physical and chemical differences. We can even help you understand and describe what physical properties you need so you can select the best clay or clay blend to supply them. We can also work with you to exploit a deposit that you would like to develop for this use.

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