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Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

Low Temperature Clays

Plainsman * Snow * (CAS# 1332-58-7, 14807-96-6)
Plainsman Buffstone (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Laguna EM210
Fairey F100
Fairey F100G
Plainsman L210 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
L211 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman L212
Plainsman L215 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman Raku/Throwing (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman Terrastone (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Laguna WC548, Raku
Laguna WC549, Industrial Raku

Medium Temperature Clays

Plainsman Coffee (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Fairey F95
Fairey F96
Fairey F97
Plainsman M325 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman M332 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman M332G (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman M340 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman M340GS (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman M340S (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman M350 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman M370 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman M390 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman MSCULP (CAS# 1302-87-0)
IMCO Red Velvet (cone 8)
IMCO Red Velvet 35 (cone 8)
IMCO Stoneware 1C (cone 8)
Laguna WC401, B-Mix 5
Laguna WC403, Speckled Buff
Laguna WC436, B-Mix 5 w/Grog
Laguna WC871, Calico

High Temperature Clays

IMCO 8-11 Red 35
Fairey F78G
Fairey F92
Fairey F92G
Plainsman H435
Plainsman H440 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman H440G (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman H441G (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman H443 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman H450 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman H490 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman H550 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman H555 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman H570 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman Sculpture Clay (CAS# 1302-87-0)
IMCO Sculpture Mix
Laguna WC371, Big Pot
Laguna WC379, B-Mix 10
Laguna WC380, B-Mix 10 w/Sand
Laguna WC381, Big White
Laguna WC389, WSO
Laguna WC823, Rod's Bod
Laguna WC835, Death Valley Red
Plainsman Woodfire (CAS# 1302-87-0)


Plainsman P300 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman P600 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman P700 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman Polar Ice (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Laguna WC437, Frost

Other Clays

Laguna EM217, WED Clay
Plainsman Tapper 2 (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman Tapper 5 (CAS# 1302-87-0)

Native Clays

Plainsman 3D Clay - 42 mesh (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman 98 Mix Dry Clay (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman A2 Dry Clay - 42 Mesh (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman A3 Dry Clay - 42 Mesh (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman B Dry Clay (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman Fireclay (Plainsman)
Plainsman FireRed Dry Clay
Plainsman Kaosand Dry Clay (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman M2 Clay (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman Midstone Dry Clay (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman Midstone Dry Clay copy (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman Palestone Dry Clay (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman PlasticFire Ball Clay (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman Ravenscrag Slip (CAS# 1302-87-0, 68476-25-5, 471-34-1, 14807-96-6, 13983-17-0)
Plainsman Redstone Dry Clay (CAS# 1302-87-0)

Casting Slips

Laguna CN-4110 Pearl Casting Slip
Laguna CN‑401G White Star Casting Slip (CAS# 1332-58-7)
Laguna CN‑402G Red Star Casting Slip
Plainsman KT#1-4 Ball Clay (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman M370 Casting (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Plainsman Polar Ice Casting
Laguna S-965 White Stoneware Casting Slip
Plainsman Snow, Casting (CAS# 1332-58-7, 14807-96-6)

Dry Materials

Plainsman Alberta Slip (CAS# 1302-87-0, 68476-25-5, 471-34-1, 1309-37-1, 14807-96-6)
Alumina Calcined (CAS# 1344-28-1)
Alumina Hydrate, Heavy (CAS# 21645-51-2)
Barium Carbonate (CAS# 513-77-9)
Barium Sulfate
Bentonite (National Std/Selectchem #325) (CAS# 1302-78-9)
Bentonite, Southern (CAS# 1302-78-9)
Bentonite, Volclay (CAS# 1302-78-9)
Bone Ash (Tri Calcium Phosphate) (CAS# 7757-93-9)
Borax Hydrous - Granular
Boric Acid (CAS# 10043-35-3)
Burnt Umber (CAS# 12713-03-0)
Chrome Oxide (CAS# 1308-38-9)
Chromite (Iron Chromate)
Clay Barnard Slip (CAS# 70694-09-6)
Clay Fireclay (Lincoln 60)
Clay Goldart (Cedar Heights) (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Clay Plastic Vitrox
Clay Redart (Cedar Heights) (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Clay SGP Ball (Tennessee)
CMC Gum (CAS# 9004-32-4)
Cobalt Carbonate (CAS# 7542-09-8)
Cobalt Oxide (CAS# 1307-96-6)
Copper Carbonate (CAS# 12069-69-1)
Copper Oxide Black (CAS# 1317-38-0)
Copper Oxide Red (CAS# 1317-39-1)
Copper Sulfate (CAS# 7758-99-8)
Cornwall Stone Substitute (CAS# 14808-60-7, 68476-25-5)
Crocus Martis
Cryolite (CAS# 15096-52-3)
Dolomite (CAS# 16389-88-1)
Feldspar Custer Potash (CAS# 68476-25-5, 14808-60-7)
Feldspar Mahavir Potash (CAS# 68476-25-5)
Feldspar Minspar Soda (CAS# 68476-25-5)
Ferro Frit 3110 (CAS# 65997-18-4 )
Ferro Frit 3124 (CAS# 65997-18-4 )
Ferro Frit 3134 (CAS# 65997-18-4 )
Ferro Frit 3195 (CAS# 65997-18-4 )
Ferro Frit 3249 (CAS# 65997-18-4 )
Ferro Frit 3269 (CAS# 65997-18-4)
Ferro Frit 5301 (CAS# 65997-18-4)
Fusion Frit F12 (CAS# 65997-18-4 )
G200 Feldspar
Gerstley Borate (CAS# 854267-07-5, 1319-33-1)
Gillespie Borate (CAS# 854267-07-5, 1319-33-1)
Gleason Ball Clay (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Grog Calcined Fireclay (STKO22S) 20x40m (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Grog Fine (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Grog Medium (20/48 mesh) (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Grog Mulcoa 47 (CE Minerals 35 mesh) (CAS# 1302-93-8)
Gum Xantham Powdered
Illmenite Granular (CAS# 12168-52-4)
Illmenite Milled (CAS# 12168-52-4)
Iron Oxide Black (CAS# 1309-38-2)
Iron Oxide Red (CAS# 1309-37-1)
Iron Oxide Yellow (CAS# 1309-33-7)
Kaolin Calcined (Glomax) (CAS# 92704-41-1)
Kaolin EP (CAS# 1332-58-7)
Kaolin Grolleg (China Clay) (CAS# 1332-58-7)
Kaolin Helmer (CAS# 1332-58-7)
Kaolin Kaopaque 20 (CAS# 1332-58-7)
Kaolin New Zealand (CAS# 1332-58-7)
Kaolin Opticast (CAS# 1332-58-7)
Kaolin Pioneer (CAS# 1332-58-7)
Kaolin Tile #6 (CAS# 1332-58-7)
Kiln Wash (CAS# 1332-58-7, 14808-60-7)
Kyanite 48 mesh (CAS# 1302-76-7)
Laguna Borate
Lithium Carbonate (CAS# 554-13-2)
Macaloid (Bentone MA) (CAS# 1302-78-9)
Magnesium Carbonate Light (CAS# 7760-50-1)
Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt)
Manganese Carbonate (CAS# 598-62-9)
Manganese Dioxide (CAS# 1313-13-9)
Manganese Granular (CAS# 1313-13-9)
Molochite 50/80 mesh (CAS# 1332-58-7)
Nepheline Syenite A270
Nickel Carbonate (CAS# 65405-96-1)
Nickel Oxide (CAS# 1313-99-1)
Old Hickory M23 Ball Clay (CAS# 1302-87-0)
OM4 Ball Clay (CAS# 1302-87-0)
Petalite (CAS# 1302-66-5)
Plaster Hydrocal White
Plaster Hydrostone TB
Plaster Laboratory Dental
Plaster Ultracal 30
Plaster USG Pottery #1
Potassium Carbonate (Pearl Ash) (CAS# 584-08-7)
Pyrax B Pyrophylite (CAS# 12269-78-2)
Rutile Ceramic Powder (CAS# 1317-80-2)
Rutile Granular (CAS# 1317-80-2)
Silica (CAS# 14808-60-7)
Silica 325 mesh
Silica 525 mesh
Silica Placing Sand F-65 (CAS# 14808-60-7)
Silica Sand - Speckled (50 mesh, Lane Mtn)
Silica Sand - White (75 mesh, Unimin)
Silicon Carbide Powder - 60 mesh
Soda Ash
Spodumene (CAS# 1302-37-0)
Strontium Carbonate (CAS# 1633-05-2)
Talc, C-98 AmTal (CAS# 14807-96-6)
Tin Oxide
Titanium Dioxide (CAS# 98084-96-9)
Troy Clay
Ultrox - 500D (Zircopax) (CAS# 10101-52-7)
Vanadium Pentoxide
VeeGum (CAS# 12199-37-0)
Volcanic Ash (Pumice)
Whiting (Calcium Carbonate) (CAS# 471-34-1 )
Wollastonite (CAS# 13983-17-0)
XX Sagger Clay
Yellow Ochre
Zinc Oxide (CAS# 1314-13-2)


Mason 6000 Shell Pink (CAS# 68187-12-2)
Mason 6001 Alpine Rose (CAS# 68187-12-2)
Mason 6003 Crimson (CAS# 68187-12-2)
Mason 6006 Deep Crimson (CAS# 68187-12-2)
Mason 6020 Manganese Alumina Pink (CAS# 68186-99-2)
Mason 6032 Coral (CAS# 68187-13-3)
Mason 6065 Chrome Alumina Pink (CAS# 68201-65-0)
Mason 6069 Dark Coral (CAS# 68187-13-3)
Mason 6100 Woodland Brown (CAS# 68186-88-9)
Mason 6101 Chestnut Brown (CAS# 68186-96-9)
Mason 6103 Golden Brown (CAS# 68186-88-9)
Mason 6107 Dark Golden Brown (CAS# 68186-88-9)
Mason 6108 Walnut Brown (CAS# 68186-88-9)
Mason 6109 Deep Brown (CAS# 68186-88-9)
Mason 6110 Violet of Iron (CAS# 65997-17-3)
Mason 6111 Spice Brown (CAS# 12063-19-3)
Mason 6113 Claret Brown (CAS# 68186-88-9)
Mason 6121 Saturn Orange (CAS# 68186-88-9)
Mason 6126 Hazelnut Brown (CAS# 68186-88-9)
Mason 6129 Golden Ambrosia (CAS# 68186-88-9)
Mason 6131 Titanium Iron (CAS# 68187-12-2)
Mason 6149 Iron Silicate (CAS# 65997-17-3)
Mason 6153 Seal Brown (CAS# 68186-96-9)
Mason 6160 Dark Chocolate (CAS# 68186-96-9)
Mason 6190 Deep Brown (CAS# 68186-96-9)
Mason 6200 Evergreen (CAS# 68187-49-5)
Mason 6201 Celadon Green (CAS# 68187-49-5)
Mason 6202 Florentine (CAS# 68187-49-5)
Mason 6204 Victoria Green (CAS# 68553-01-5)
Mason 6206 Grass Green (CAS# 68553-01-5)
Mason 6207 Celeste Green (CAS# 68187-49-5)
Mason 6213 Hemlock Green (CAS# 68187-49-5)
Mason 6219 French Green (CAS# 68187-49-5)
Mason 6223 Ivy Green (CAS# 68909-79-5)
Mason 6236 Chartreuse (CAS# 68186-93-6, 68187-15-5, 68186-95-8)
Mason 6242 Bermuda Green (CAS# 68186-95-8, 68187-15-5, 10101-52-7)
Mason 6254 Dark Teal Green (CAS# 68187-49-5)
Mason 6255 Jade Green (CAS# 68187-49-5)
Mason 6263 Victoria Green (CAS# 68553-01-5)
Mason 6264 Victoria Green (CAS# 68553-01-5)
Mason 6266 Peacock (CAS# 68187-49-5)
Mason 6268 Sea Green (CAS# 68187-49-5)
Mason 6274 Nickel Silicate (CAS# 685I5-84-4)
Mason 6280 Avocado (CAS# 68187-01-9, 68186-88-9, 68187-49-5)
Mason 6300 Mazerine Blue (CAS# 68412-74-8)
Mason 6304 Tin Violet (CAS# 68187-12-2)
Mason 6305 Teal Blue (CAS# 68187-49-5)
Mason 6306 Vivid Blue (CAS# 68186-87-8)
Mason 6308 Delphinium Blue (CAS# 68186-95-8)
Mason 6310 Wedgewood Blue (CAS# 68187-40-6)
Mason 6313 Medium Blue (CAS# 68412-74-8)
Mason 6315 Zirconium Vanadium Blue (CAS# 68186-95-8)
Mason 6319 Lavender (CAS# 68186-99-2, 68186-87-8)
Mason 6320 Delft Blue (CAS# 68186-95-8)
Mason 6338 Cobalt Meta Silicate (CAS# 68187-40-6)
Mason 6339 Royal (CAS# 68186-87-8)
Mason 6360 Blue Willow (CAS# 68187-12-2, 68186-95-8, 66402-68-4)
Mason 6363 Sky Blue (CAS# 68187-40-6)
Mason 6364 Turquoise Blue (CAS# 68186-95-8)
Mason 6368 Copen Blue (CAS# 68186-87-8)
Mason 6371 Dark Teal (CAS# 68187-11 -1)
Mason 6374 Dark Turquoise (CAS# 68186-95-8)
Mason 6376 Robin's Egg Blue (CAS# 68186-95-8)
Mason 6381 Blackberry Wine (CAS# 68187-12-2, 68187-40-6, 68186-97-0)
Mason 6383 Cobalt Aluminate (CAS# 1345-16-0)
Mason 6385 Pansy Purple (CAS# 68187-12-2, 681876-40-6)
Mason 6388 Mazerine (CAS# 68187-40-6)
Mason 6404 Vanadium Yellow (CAS# 68186-93-6)
Mason 6410 Canary (CAS# 68187-15-5)
Mason 6450 Praseodmium Yellow (CAS# 68187-15-5)
Mason 6464 Zirconium (CAS# 68187-01-9)
Mason 6471 Old Gold (CAS# 68186-93-6, 68186-88-9, 68186-95-8)
Mason 6485 Titanium Yellow (CAS# 68186-90-3)
Mason 6500 Sage Grey (CAS# 68186-89-0)
Mason 6503 Taupe (CAS# 66402-68-4, 68909-79-5)
Mason 6591 Gun Metal (CAS# 68186-89-0)
Mason 6600 Black (CAS# 68186-97-0)
Mason 6612 Onyx (CAS# 68186-97-0)
Mason 6650 Cobalt-Free (CAS# 68909-79-5)
Mason 6657 Black (CAS# 68186-97-0)
Mason 6666 Cobalt Free Black (CAS# 68186-96-9)
Mason 6700 White (CAS# 66402-68-4)
Mason 6768 Tin White (CAS# 66402-68-4)
Mason 6790 Matting White (CAS# 66402-68-4)
Cerdec Degussa Bordeaux Red (279497)
Cerdec Degussa Brilliant Orange (239616)
Cerdec Degussa Intense Crayon Red (279496)
Cerdec Degussa Lime Yellow (239416)
Mason Mason Stains ® (by Mason Color Works) Color Chart

Encapsulated Stains

Mason 6021 Red (CAS# 102184-95-2)
Mason 6025 Coral (CAS# 102184-95-2)
Mason 6026 Lobster (CAS# 102184-95-2)
Mason 6027 Tangerine (CAS# 102184-95-2)
Mason 6028 Orange (CAS# 102184-95-2)
Mason 6030 Mango (CAS# 102184-95-2)
Mason 6088 Dark Red (CAS# 102184-95-2)
Mason 6479 Sunshine Stain (CAS# 102184-95-2)


Darvan #7
Gum Solution
Laguna Laguna Wax Emulsion (Wax Resist)
Mold Rubber - Latex
Mould Soap
Sodium Silicate (CAS# 1344-09-8)

Crysanthos LowFire Superior Glazes

Chrysanthos SG105-O Purple Opaque
Chrysanthos SG109-S Royal Purple Semi-Transparent
Chrysanthos SG113-S Regency Purple Semi-Transparent
Chrysanthos SG117-S Claret Semi-Transparent
Chrysanthos SG121-S Burgundy Semi-Transparent
Chrysanthos SG125-O Art Grey Opaque
Chrysanthos SG129-O Light Jade Opaque
Chrysanthos SG133-O Paris Green Opaque
Chrysanthos SG137-T Apple Green Transparent
Chrysanthos SG141-S Jasper Semi-Transparent
Chrysanthos SG145-S Tropical Green Semi-Transparent
Chrysanthos SG149-S Jade Green Semi-Transparent
Chrysanthos SG153-T Leaf Green Transparent
Chrysanthos SG155-O Medium Green Opaque
Chrysanthos SG157-O Chrome Green Opaque
Chrysanthos SG161-O Light Peacock Opaque
Chrysanthos SG165-S Peacock Semi-Transparent
Chrysanthos SG169-S Turquoise Semi-Transparent
Chrysanthos SG173-O Tuscany Blue Opaque
Chrysanthos SG177-S Mauve Semi-Transparent
Chrysanthos SG181-O Country Blue Opaque
Chrysanthos SG185-T Barrier Reef Blue Transparent
Chrysanthos SG189-T Federal Blue Transparent
Chrysanthos SG193-S Teal Semi-Transparent
Chrysanthos SG197-S Cobalt Blue Semi-Transparent
Chrysanthos SG201-T Midnight Blue Transparent
Chrysanthos SG203-O Choc Brown Opaque
Chrysanthos SG204-O Antique Brown Opaque
Chrysanthos SG209-O Ebony Opaque
Chrysanthos SG213-T Transparent
Chrysanthos UG113 Paris Green

Plainsman Dry Glazes

Plainsman Cone 6 G2926B Clear Glossy Glaze (CAS# 1302-87-0, 14808-60-7, 68476-25-5, 65997-18-4)
Plainsman Cone 6 G2934 Matte Glaze (CAS# 1302-87-0, 14808-60-7, 68476-25-5, 65997-18-4)
Plainsman Cone 6 Stoneware Gloss Clear Glaze (CAS# 1302-87-0, 14808-60-7, 68476-25-5, 65997-18-4)

Potter's Choice Cone 5/6 Glazes

AMACO C0-13 Cosmos Mars Crystal
AMACO C0-14 Cosmos Solar Rainbow
AMACO C0-6 Cosmos Supernova
AMACO C0-7 Cosmos Solar Flair
AMACO C0-8 Cosmos Dark Star
AMACO PC-01 Saturation Metallic
AMACO PC-02 Saturation Gold
AMACO PC-04 Palladium
AMACO PC-12 Blue Midnight
AMACO PC-15 Satin Oribe
AMACO PC-16 Purple Crystal
AMACO PC-17 Honey Flux
AMACO PC-20 Blue Rutile
AMACO PC-21 Arctic Blue
AMACO PC-22 Blue Stone
AMACO PC-23 Indigo Float
AMACO PC-25 Textured Turquoise (CAS# #studio)
AMACO PC-26 Blue Lagoon
AMACO PC-27 Tourmaline
AMACO PC-28 Frosted Turquoise
AMACO PC-29 Deep Olive Speckle
AMACO PC-30 Tenmoku
AMACO PC-31 Oatmeal
AMACO PC-32 Albany Slip Brown
AMACO PC-33 Iron Lustre
AMACO PC-34 Light Sepia
AMACO PC-35 Oil Spot
AMACO PC-36 Ironstone
AMACO PC-37 Smoked Sienna
AMACO PC-39 Umber Float
AMACO PC-40 True Celadon
AMACO PC-41 Vert Lustre
AMACO PC-42 Seaweed
AMACO PC-43 Toasted Sage
AMACO PC-45 Dark Green
AMACO PC-46 Lustrous Jade
AMACO PC-47 Emerald Falls
AMACO PC-48 Art Deco Green
AMACO PC-49 Frosted Melon
AMACO PC-50 Shino
AMACO PC-52 Deep Sienna Speckle
AMACO PC-53 Ancient Jasper
AMACO PC-56 Ancient Copper
AMACO PC-57 Smokey Merlot
AMACO PC-58 Tuscany
AMACO PC-59 Deep Firebrick
AMACO PC-60 Salt Buff
AMACO PC-61 Textured Amber
AMACO PC-62 Textured Amber Brown
AMACO PC-65 Black Aventurine
AMACO PC-66 Cosmic Oilspot
AMACO PC-67 River Rock
AMACO PCF-18 Honeydew - Flux
AMACO PCF-19 Cirrus Flow - Flux
AMACO PCF-3 Midnight Run - Flux
AMACO PCF-54 Flux Blossom - Flux
AMACO PCF-74 River Birch - Flux
AMACO PCF-75 Moss Mist - Flux

Celadon Cone 5/6 Glazes

AMACO C-01 Obsidian
AMACO C-10 Snow
AMACO C-11 Mixing Clear
AMACO C-20 Cobalt
AMACO C-21 Sky
AMACO C-22 Fog
AMACO C-27 Storm
AMACO C-36 Iron
AMACO C-40 Aqua
AMACO C-41 Pear
AMACO C-43 Wasabi
AMACO C-47 Jade
AMACO C-49 Rainforest
AMACO C-50 Cherry Blossom
AMACO C-53 Weeping Plum
AMACO C-54 Snapdragon
AMACO C-56 Lavender
AMACO C-57 Mulberry
AMACO C-60 Marigold

Liquid Brights

Laguna Liquid Bright Metallic Lustre, Duncan

Crysanthos Underglazes

Chrysanthos UG001 White
Chrysanthos UG005 Canary Yellow
Chrysanthos UG009 Bright Yellow
Chrysanthos UG013 Citrus
Chrysanthos UG017 Lotus Yellow
Chrysanthos UG077 Deep Plum
Chrysanthos UG097 Light Jade
Chrysanthos UG101 Jasper
Chrysanthos UG137 Forest Green
Chrysanthos UG141 Leaf Green
Chrysanthos UG145 Brunswick Green
Chrysanthos UG149 Baby Blue
Chrysanthos UG153 Turquoise
Chrysanthos UG157 Summer Blue
Chrysanthos UG161 Electric Blue
Chrysanthos UG165 Bright Blue
Chrysanthos UG169 Cobalt Blue
Chrysanthos UG173 Orchid
Chrysanthos UG183 Viola
Chrysanthos UG193 Art Grey
Chrysanthos UG209 Antique Brown
Chrysanthos UG213 Crimson
Chrysanthos UG216 Cobalt Black

Amaco Velvet Underglazes

AMACO AMACO Velvet Underglazes
AMACO V-301 Ivory Beige Underglaze
AMACO V-303 Terra Cotta Underglaze
AMACO V-304 Straw Underglaze
AMACO V-308 Yellow Underglaze
AMACO V-309 Deep Yellow Underglaze
AMACO V-310 Tan Underglaze
AMACO V-313 Red Brown Underglaze
AMACO V-314 Chocolate Brown Underglaze
AMACO V-315 Peach Underglaze
AMACO V-316 Light Pink Underglaze
AMACO V-317 Coral Underglaze
AMACO V-318 Rose Underglaze
AMACO V-320 Lavender Underglaze
AMACO V-321 Lilac Underglaze
AMACO V-322 Purple Underglaze
AMACO V-323 Salmon Underglaze
AMACO V-324 Blush Underglaze
AMACO V-325 Baby Blue Underglaze
AMACO V-326 Medium Blue Underglaze
AMACO V-327 Turquoise Blue Underglaze
AMACO V-328 Iceberg Blue Underglaze
AMACO V-332 Teal Blue Underglaze
AMACO V-333 Avocado Underglaze
AMACO V-334 Flaxen Underglaze
AMACO V-336 Royal Blue Underglaze
AMACO V-341 Blue Green Underglaze
AMACO V-343 Chartreuse Underglaze
AMACO V-345 Light Green Underglaze
AMACO V-347 Pistachio Underglaze
AMACO V-349 Cactus Underglaze
AMACO V-350 Orange Underglaze
AMACO V-353 Dark Green Underglaze
AMACO V-354 Leaf Green Underglaze
AMACO V-355 Shadow Green Underglaze
AMACO V-356 Pearl Grey Underglaze
AMACO V-357 Dark Grey Underglaze
AMACO V-360 White Underglaze
AMACO V-361 Jet Black Underglaze
AMACO V-365 Slate Underglaze
AMACO V-366 Teddy Bear Brown Underglaze
AMACO V-367 Mist Gray Underglaze
AMACO V-368 Antique Ivory Underglaze
AMACO V-369 Fawn Underglaze
AMACO V-370 Velvour Black Underglaze
AMACO V-371 Rosy Mauve Underglaze
AMACO V-372 Mint Green Underglaze
AMACO V-373 Medium Brown Underglaze
AMACO V-374 Royal Peach Underglaze
AMACO V-375 Maroon Underglaze
AMACO V-376 Hunter Green Underglaze
AMACO V-380 Violet Underglaze
AMACO V-381 Amethyst Underglaze
AMACO V-382 Red Underglaze
AMACO V-385 Cinnamon Underglaze
AMACO V-386 Electric Blue Underglaze
AMACO V-387 Bright Red Underglaze
AMACO V-388 Radiant Red Underglaze


Soft Brick K23, 2300F (9"x4.5"x2.5")
Soft Brick K26, 2600F (9"x4.5"x2.5")

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