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Slip Casting Clays

We have many years of experience formulating and manufacturing a wide range of slips for and understand the rheology and deflocculation process well. We emphasize slurry and fired properties consistency over secret recipes. If you have a special needs we can work with you to develop the product you need and scale production so you can start with low initial costs.


We can make translucent porcelains that fire from 1180C+, ones that are white burning, low expansion, refractory, wear resistant, fitted to specific glazes and colored. The production of a quality and consistent porcelain is alot about knowing which materials are most appropriate from the many choices available, we have the experience necessary. Porcelains also require great diligence in testing and responsive adaptation of changing materials to maintain their more fragile property set.

Talc White Slips

This is a standard body used by the hobby casting industry, it works with the large variety of prepared and premixed glazes available from many suppliers. Most of these bodies are made from 50% talc and 50% ball clay (with some variations e.g. a small whiting addition or a slightly different talc:ball clay ratio). Many different talcs and ball clays are used in different parts of the continent and we have many products available for custom mixes if needed. Our standard body uses KT1-4 ball clay and Amtal talc.

Terracotta Slips

These are very popular in industry as a way to save energy (since they fire at low temperatures), for aesthetic purposes, and as a way to make strong and durable ware at the lowest possible temperatures (eg. cone 02-1). The terra cotta process has a greater prevalence of glaze crazing and shivering, leaching, lack of consistency in the bodies working and firing properties, efflorescence, warping and bloating in the kiln, glaze adherence, etc. Greater diligence and and know-how are required to be able to test and adjust these bodies over time.

Stoneware Slips

In production, stoneware bodies are resilient and pose fewer process problems than porcelains. Stoneware can be made to vitrify at a wide range of temperatures. The higher the temperature, the easier it is to fit glazes. We have experience in producing a range of buff and brown burning stonewares at middle and high temperatures but, of course, we can formulate a stoneware slurry to mature at any temperature above cone 2.

Special purpose

The casting process is old but still very popular, even in high technology industries. We can formulate custom casting bodies that are thermal shock resistant, abrasion resistant, refractory, of special colors, etc. or we can manufacture your recipe.

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