G1947U Transparent Base - Cone 10R


A long-time base transparent glaze recipe used in the Plainsman Clays studio. It works on all Plainsman high temperature reduction bodies (also oxidation). The recipe employs New Zealand Kaolin for the cleanest possible fired appearance.

This recipe is better than most others used for a number of reasons.

  • It has a low thermal expansion because it is not saturated with feldspar.
  • It is not short of SiO2 so a hard durable glass is produced.
  • It sources CaO from Wollastonite instead of calcium carbonate, this keeps LOI low (and therefore entrained micro-bubbles.
  • It has sufficient kaolin to produce a slurry with good application properties.
  • It contains a little zinc to jump start melting earlier.


When mixed with water to create a thixotropic slurry, this will perform was as a dipping glaze. It will apply evenly to bisque, produce minimal dripping and dry within seconds. It will be adequately durable for handling. If bisque walls are thin, it will be necessary to glaze the inside and outside of pieces as separate operations (with a drying time between).

If you are glaze layering (using this as a dipping glaze and painting a commercial gummed brushing glaze over it) there is a risk of crawling. It may be necessary to add some gum to this, converting it from a dipping glaze to a base-coat dipping glaze.


As of April 2018 it is not yet available as a premixed product. However you can make it yourself, your can find info on the G1947U technical information page at

A wide range of glazes can be made from this base. For example:

  • Add 2-5% iron oxide for a celadon.
  • Add 6-8% for brown metallic glossy with micro-crystals.
  • Add 10-12% for a tenmoku.
  • Add 12%+ iron oxide for purple crystalline mesh.
  • Add 10% zircon for white.


P700 cone 10R Mug by Tony Hansen. Alberta Slip (pure) outside. The liner glaze is G1947U transparent.

Porcelain mugs fired at cone 10R. Pure Alberta Slip as-a-glaze outside. The liner glaze is G1947U (employing Grolleg Kaolin for the left two mugs) and EPK for the other.

This is G1947U clear glaze on P700, P580.

Safety Data Sheet

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