G2931K Transparent Zero3 Glaze


This glaze was originally designed to work with the Zero3 engobe, stoneware and porcelain (fired at cone 03). It is exceptionally glossy and transparent (when fired according to our instructions) and it is durable and fits very well. No common middle or high temperature glaze can compare if you are doing underglaze decoration, the brightness and clarity of color are stunning!

This glaze is not currently in production at Plainsman, but you can find the recipe and lots of information about how it was developed and how to use it here. This is also our recommended glaze for bodies L212, L215 and Terrastone.

Zero3 fritware porcelain mugs at cone 03 with G2931K ultra clear glossy glaze. These were fired in less than 3 hours (start to extraction from kiln)!

L215 with underglaze decoration and G2931K clear glaze. Fired at cone 03.

Zero3 Stoneware mugs decorated with underglazes and finished with G2931K ultra clear glaze. By Tony Hansen.

Safety Data Sheet

Click here for web view (format adheres to Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals - GHS)

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