L3954B Mid Temperature Engobe


Engobes (slips) are very widely used in industry (especially tile). They are opaque and can completely hide the body underneath. Engobes must be matched to the body and temperature they are used for and application and use are tricky. Engobes open up many design opportunities. Please read this share for details on the recipe and how to use this product. We are not yet manufacturing it but you can make it for yourself for now.

L3954A white engobe on M340 and M390. The engobe has been applied to the inside and wrapped over the rim to midway down the outside. The clear glaze on the inside is G2926B Whiteware transparent. The outside glaze on the right is that same clear with 4% added iron oxide. The outside glaze on the left mug is GA6A Alberta Slip clear using Ferro Frit 3195 as the flux.


Left and right: M390 with L3954 Mid Fire Engobe appied inside and midway down outside. Center: Whole M390 mug glazed with G2926B clear. Left: G2926B Whiteware clear inside and same glaze with 4% iron added outside (notice there are no bubble clouds with added iron). Right: Whole mug glazed with GA6A Alberta Slip base glaze (but using Ferro Frit 3195 instead of 3134). Firing soaked 30 minutes at 2100F on the way down, then 100F/hr cool down to 1400F.

Safety Data Sheet

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